§ 1 General, definitions

  1. EDIGOODS UG, hereinafter referred to as EDIGOODS, acts in the Internet, particularly at edigoods.com , a wholesale

site as a platform that facilitates wholesale among companies. Each visitor of the platform may view it, however, only a visitor, being a legal entity, may both view and use it.

  1. Visitors are all the Internet users that may access the content of the platform. Advertisers are visitors that may both access and use the advertisement publishing service for wholesale of goods, fundraising projects, logistics and translation services.
  2. Those terms and conditions in their current version relate to all users/advertisers and EDIGOODS.
  3. To publish an advertisement, a user/advertiser shall completely accept those user terms and conditions as well as agree that submitted legal data and contact details that are publicly available shall be published and stored at edigoods.com in accordance with the provisions of the law.


§ 2 Procedure for advertisement placement and settlements

  1. Advertisement placement on the platforms is possible without entering into an advertisement agreement.
  2. The processing of advertisements on a platform is placed and ensured by EDIGOODS at the advertiser’s request. Advertisement placement on the platforms is available only to businessmen/legal entities for wholesale of goods, fundraising projects, logistics and translation services.
  3. All advertisements prior to placement at the homepage are accurately considered, whether those correspond to all advertisement placement criteria.
  4. Only one sale item or service offer may be published within the framework of one advertisement or service offer, stipulating a detailed description and precise price.
  5. In the advertisement placement section, the advertiser shall fill-out fields that have to be filled out mandatory:

a) a relevant image of a product shall be added to the “image” field, depending on the requested format and parameters.

b) the “text” field shall stipulate information on a relevant product in English, however, information shall be added in another language in the additional “text” field. This field is not mandatory.

c) additionally other fields shall be filled-out, for example, time of placement of the advertisement; product manufacturing capacity, etc.

  1. After placement of this advertisement, the request is sent by EDIGOODS to the relevant section.
  2. Each enterprise is offered to place the first advertisement for 1 or 3 months free of charge. For each following advertisement, an invoice shall be drawn for the advertiser

and send thereto electronically in accordance with a relevant tariff (see the pricelist). The pricelist is available in the advertisement placement section.

  1. Only after the invoice for placement of the advertisement is fully paid after the transferred amount has been received in full, the advertisement shall be placed on the advertising platform.
  2. The advertisements are available and can be viewed, by typing an advertisement number assigned to the relevant advertisement.
  3. The advertiser shall select a relevant advertisement placement period. A minimum period shall be 1 month, while the maximum shall be 12 months.
  4. All the prices shall be stipulated without VAT.
  5. EDIGOODS’s invoices shall be sent only electronically. Those shall be forwarded to the email stipulated by the advertiser.

13.  If the advertisement is not renewed within the first month after the publication deadline, all data of this advertisement will be automatically deleted from our database.

§ 3 Conditions relating to the content of advertisements


  1. An advertisement shall not be acceptable (shall be deleted) if:

a) It violates the law, general rules of conduct. Mandatory fields have not been filled-out in the advertisement or stipulated information is                            inaccurate or erroneous.

b) More than one sale item or service is placed, or content of the text is general/vague.

c) The prices stipulated in the advertisement, product description or other information on the product does not correspond to the reality.

d) The image of the product is of low quality, and the status of the product cannot be seen.

e) Is on the background, which means that the sale item is seen among other objects or is not dominating or not outlined in the image.

f) The background is too bright with unnatural colours or other elements or attention attracted to the general list of advertisements.

g) It contains inscriptions or items that obstructs the view and change natural aesthetic image.

h) Photo collages that unite several photos in one.

i) An advertisement violates copyrights or rights to a trademark.

j) The text of an advertisement is not in English. It contains a mistake in the text.

k) The advertisement does not contain seller’s exact contact information. The advertisement offers drugs or other internationally prohibited                         goods.

l) The text of an advertisement contains a link.

m) Any other advertisements that are not related to a certain product, investment, logistics or translating service.

n) Advertisements, containing the same text are repeated or contain identical stipulations. When placing several advertisements, each advertised               item and text shall be different.

o) The offered service or good shall not have any value if the content of an advertisement is absurd.

  1. The text of the advertisement shall contain only information on the relevant product or service.


§ 4 Securing an advertisement field


  1. EDIGOODS ensures availability of the advertisement space to public both on the platforms and in other mass media, e.g. in social networks, at the websites, in the newspapers or other emails.
  2. If the website is shortly unavailable, the periods for advertisement publication shall be shifted, depending on the lost time. This condition is not applicable,

where the website has been unavailable in the section of the web managed by the Internet providers that have not entered into an agreement with EDIGOODS.

  1. In some cases, the EDIGOODS shall not undertake any responsibility for accessibility and availability.
  2. EDIGOODS shall not undertake any responsibility for accessibility of the advertisement field, particularly, for its showing, supplying, correct receipt,

legibility or availability for clicking in a certain place or quantity.

  1. The advertiser transfers the content of EDIGOODS, being prepared for the relevant advertiser on platforms, rights that are needed to place the advertisement, particularly, to reproduce information and keep it available

in the Internet.


§ 5 Advertisers’ rights and obligations

  1. The advertiser shall not use the advertisement placement to advertise competitive websites and their offers.
  2. The advertiser shall compensate for third parties’ claims for damages within a relevant period and all expenses shall be based on advertiser’s violation of those advertising conditions to EDIGOODS. This, particularly, includes

legal fees. Approval of further claims shall remain reserved.

  1. The advertiser may request that its advertisement is terminated on the advertisement platform at edigoods.com before the end of the advertisement period without receiving an already paid invoice for placement of the advertisement. Such a request shall be sent from the same company’s email address to EDIGOODS’s email address info@edigoods.com, by adding an advertisement number.


§ 6 EDIGOODS’s rights

  1. EDIGOODS may control the advertisement before provision of the advertisement services to comply with technical specifications and requirements to content and to refuse advertisement services due to failure to fulfil those requirements or adjusting advertisements in case of need.
  2. EDIGOODS may correct offers, e.g. wording or orthography without prior notification of an advertiser, however, without affecting its content.
  3. EDIGOODS may control performance of the advertisement in relation to its reach and inclusion in browsing programs. EDIGOODS may add amendments, e.g. to the advertisement key words to improve its performance if such an action provide for significant improvements.
  4. EDIGOODS may demand that the advertiser makes any further changes in the advertisement. EDIGOODS may set a reasonable period for those

amendments. If the advertiser delays the period and fails to prepare amendments to the advertisement, EDIGOODS may deactivate the advertisement service. In this case, the advertiser shall not be paid even a partial compensation for an already paid invoice for a relevant advertisement.

  1. EDIGOODS may at any time revise the advertisement services, all the advertisement placement pages, responsibility under regulations and those advertisement conditions. If there are suspected violations, EDIGOODS may refuse to provide advertisement services, deactivate certain advertisement services or limit their provision. EDIGOODS shall immediately notify the advertiser on suspicions and limited or suspended provision of advertisement services.
  2. If there are grounded suspicions that applicable rights have been violated, e.g., if there are third parties’ industrial property rights, safety, approval or marking obligations, EDIGOODS may refuse to


provide advertisement services, deactivate current advertisement services or limit their provision. In this case EDIGOODS shall not be responsible for third parties’ lost profit.


§ 7 Blocking

  1. If there are signs that the advertiser violates those conditions or applicable regulations, EDIGOODS may take measures even without previous notification to eliminate those violation. For this purpose, EDIGOODS may

temporary block or irreversibly delete certain advertisement content and/or permanently exclude individual advertisers from the use of the platform. EDIGOODS shall take relevant advertiser’s lawful interests into account.


§ 8 Changes in those terms and conditions, transfer of rights

  1. EDIGOODS may at their discretion change conditions of these services, stipulating the extent, to which it has been grounded, considering technical specifications and market conditions.
  2. Changes in these terms and conditions, if any, shall be published by EDIGOODS on the wholesale platform for advertising goods in section Provisions for Advertisement Placement.


§ 9. Final provisions

  1. Laws of the German Federal Republic shall be taken into account.
  2. Any mutual notifications shall be made in writing.




Date: June 1, 2018


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