The confidentiality policy provides to an individual (data subject) information on purpose, scope of personal data processing, data protection and other activities, involving data, performed in the course of data processing.

First of all, we would like to notify You that is mainly provided for the use by Legal Entities. Therefore, it is understood that the use of this home page does not provide for collecting private information, except for cases where the client has sent us such information at his initiative or cookies have been implemented to optimise the use of our home page.

  1. Confidentiality and personal data processing

In this policy, personal data processing and its conditions refer to individual’s data processing. This policy shall not be applicable to a legal entity, however, shall be applicable to an individual related to such a legal entity, e.g., an official, representative, employee.

When contacting EDIGOODS by phone, email, e.g. or any other EDIGOODS’s email address or using other direct or remote communication channels, including contact forms, in which data can be added remotely, a person or customer shall disclose his data (e.g. his name, surname, position, name of the company). EDIGOODS shall use the provided information or personal data to process a received request. Anonymous requests, suggestions, claims, letters, etc. shall be neither processed nor responded by EDIGOODS.

EDIGOODS processes personal data before provision of the service, to ensure provision of services. EDIGOODS may process personal data also to protect its lawful interests, e.g. to collect a debt or compensate losses in relation only to the relevant person.

EDIGOODS may process personal data, obtaining those from the relevant person, customer, his lawful or contractual representative, employee, etc., public registers or other Third Parties.* A third person*, a legal entity or individual, not being EDIGOODS or customer.

We may use Your personal data to:

a) ensure a home page viewing and technical solution the most applicable to Your device, size of display and browser;

b) answer Your information requests;

c) prevent or disclose fraud or other offences;

d) ensure safety of Your data.

Personal data that is generally processed and used for provision of EDIGOODS’s services is only the Legal Entities’ data.

  1. Reason, grounds for personal data processing and expiry date.

To enter into, perform and supervise service or cooperation agreements;

To protect EDIGOODS’s lawful interest, prevent losses and possible violations, personal data, warehouse, goods, information system protection and maintain safety. For the above reason, to process EDIGOODS’s personal data or use personal data processors accepted by EDIGOODS, requesting that the data is processed in accordance with regulations, particularly, in relation to data safety measures.

To obtain person or customer’s consent for marketing purposes. For the reasons mentioned in this Policy, EDIGOODS may update and renew personal data related to a customer or cooperation partner and service provision. EDIGOODS may prepare and maintain personal data lists, determine and deduct payments payable to EDIGOODS in relation to the service provision.

  1. Grounds and Laws.

EDIGOODS may process and processes personal data based on a law (regulation) to fulfil its requirements and obligations vested in EDIGOODS in accordance with laws and other regulations as well as to exercise rights granted to EDIGOODS by the laws.

If personal data processing is grounded on laws, EDIGOODS’s consent with personal data processing or customer’s consent is unnecessary.

  1. Agreement.

EDIGOODS processes personal data for entering into an agreement, for fulfilment of liabilities of the parties, ensuring and performing EDIGOODS’s activities within the framework of this agreement. EDIGOODS may transfer and receive personal data to Third Parties stipulated in clause 6 of the Policy.

  1. Legitimate interest.

EDIGOODS processes personal or customer data to protect EDIGOODS’s legitimate interests, monitor and ensure safety of services to prevent the use of EDIGOODS’s services for unfair or unlawful purposes in EDIGOODS’s legitimate interests and conduct inspections and investigations.

  1. Consent.

EDIGOODS, having obtained a person or customer’s consent, processes personal data for marketing purposes, including marketing campaigns and their implementation, advertising EDIGOODS’s services, development and sending personalised offers.

  1. Data processing, storing and deletion.

EDIGOODS stores personal data for the period and in accordance with the procedure provided for in regulations, and personal data expiry date may be stipulated in service, cooperation agreements and other documents related thereto. After expiry of personal data or its purpose, EDIGOODS deletes personal data. In certain cases, EDIGOODS may define a new purpose for certain personal data if it is reasonably needed (e.g. to fulfil regulations or to protect legitimate interests). EDIGOODS may transfer personal data to a Third Person to fulfil requirements of regulations related to EDIGOODS as well as to ensure fulfilment and performance of agreements for service, cooperation, etc., to fulfil customer’s assignment (power of attorney).

7.1 EDIGOODS processes personal data that is available in public and private registers, public database sources and Internet websites or received from a Third Party, company and submitted to EDIGOODS in compliance with regulations related to the Third Person.

7.2 To ensure fulfilment of obligations, performance of service agreements and provision of services, performance of a cooperation agreement defined in regulations as well as to ensure activities of EDIGOODS, EDIGOODS may obtain and transfer, process personal data:

a) to competent institutions (e.g. State Agency of Medicine, Health Inspection, Food and Veterinary Surveillance Department, etc.)

b) to local and foreign tax administration authorities for tax administration purposes;

c) to tax and other competent institution for submission of financial reports, including the needs of consolidated report;

d) public state registers (e.g. commercial register, debtor register, etc.), particularly, in case of improper fulfilment or inappropriate fulfilment of                obligations to EDIGOODS;

e) to a post office and postal service providers to ensure dispatch and receipt of mail, correspondence by a customer/its attorney or                                          representative;

f) to cooperation partners – service providers;

g) to credit institutions and financial institutions in accordance with the requirements of regulations;

h) to legal and other consultants;

i) for archiving purposes and to ensure EDIGOODS’s core activities;

j) to a person – creditor if EDIGOODS’s rights to claim have been assigned to such a person in relation to assignment of a service agreement;

7.3. Hereby, the Customer is notified and agrees that:

a) to fulfil obligations provided for in regulations or to ensure performance of a service agreement, EDIGOODS may need to transfer personal                      data to a Third Person or company that participates in service provision.

b) a Third Person may be registered and act outside the EU or EEA (and that the European Commission has not included in the list of countries,                in which personal data protection is at a sufficient level). Therefore, the customer knows that EDIGOODS cannot ensure that personal data is                  processed in accordance with requirements that are similar to those existing in the EU or another country, in which personal data protection                  is at a sufficient level in accordance with the EUR requirements;

c) Profiling, automatic decision making 6.1 EDIGOODS may process personal data for the purpose of profiling, i.e. automatic personal data                          processing used to evaluate and analyse individual customer’s individual features. EDIGOODS’s profiling is used to conduct analysis, manage                risk, prepare various reports.

8. Rights of a person as a data subject.

A person or customer may familiarise with personal data processed by EDIGOODS, with the purpose of its use and obtaining, what are expiry dates and what are personal data recipients, complying with restrictions contained in regulations. A person may obtain his personal data submitted thereby, and EDIGOODS processes it based on person’s consent or agreement. A person and customer may withdraw the consent given for processing of personal data at any point complying with his legitimate interest as well as for marketing purposes, including profiling for this purpose. A person or customer may demand that EDIGOODS personal data is corrected if it is modified or does not correspond to the reality due to another reason, unless it is not prohibited or restricted by the existing regulations and rights to process personal data. A person or customer may demand that EDIGOODS terminates this person’s data processing at any point, except for the cases where rights and obligations to such data processing result from regulations or EDIGOODS needs to fulfil or ensure fulfilment of a service agreement and ensure performance of activities. A customer or person’s right to personal data processing and obtainment of information may be restricted in cases provided for in regulations as well as to ensure confidentiality of Third Persons or Group’s member companies and lawful interests in relation to the specifics of EDIGOODS’s activities and taking considerations relating to the industrial practice into account. A person or customer may not obtain information on technological solutions and matters, safety and internal control systems, internal processes and other matters relating to internal activity and trade secrecy. A person may apply in relation to personal data processing matters, withdrawal of consent, requests, use of data subject’s rights and processing of claims relating to personal data processing, by sending a relevant request to, stipulating Data Protection. EDIGOODS responds to such applications, requests, etc. that identify a submitting person; requests are considered as soon as possible but not later than one month from the day of receipt of such an application.


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